The 15 Best Jobs For Introverts: Make Money to Work Alone

By Todd Kunsman

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Previously, many companies would look to hire people who are more outgoing and want to engage with co-workers often.

For someone that struggles being very social or expressive, it can be intimidating when on the job hunt. 

While being more extroverted may be a requirement for various careers where interactions are a must, there is also an influx of jobs for introverts too. 

No longer is being introverted a negative when it comes to starting your career, so if you fit this personality type — fear not! 

However, the real challenge is understanding how to fully embrace your introvertness and make the right career moves where you will feel satisfied and interested in your work.  Yet, do not worry as there are plenty of good jobs for introverts and options to make money to work alone. 

What is an Introvert?

If you are coming to this post, then you probably are aware of what introvert means or identify yourself as one. If so, feel free to jump down to the next sections. 

However, if you are not sure that you fit this personality type or just discovering the term in more depth — then stick with me here first. 

So, what is an introvert? An introvert is someone who tends to be more quiet and reserved and typically prefers staying away from big social events or engagements. 

Introversion does not mean social ineptitude; it’s simply a different set of preferences and qualities.

Introverts are naturally  opposite of extroverts: extroverts are people who love social gatherings and actively seek out being surrounded by people. According to famed psychologist Carl Jung, introverts gain their energy by being alone, and extroverts gain energy by being surrounded by others. 

Most people are a mix of both introversion and extroversion (I personally identify with both). Knowing which one you lean towards can help you understand your strengths and build a career that fits you better.

What Should Introverts Look for in a Job?

Whether you identify yourself as an introvert or a blend, you want to look for a job that doesn’t overstimulate you and that allows you to work alone when needed. 

Now, there is no exact formula as to what you should look for in a job as it’s what you feel personally comfortable with. However, you can use some of the below as a guideline. 

A few things you’ll want to stay away from:

  • Organizations and jobs with open work offices (creates tons of distractions and noises)
  • Jobs with several in-person meetings throughout the day (constant interactions with people and breaks concentration from your work)
  • Jobs that require a lot of group work or interaction with others (too much collaboration that distracts you from your work and focus)
  • Jobs that require public speaking or talking in front of an audience (giving presentations or being engaged to lead group discussions and updates)

You may want to search for a career where:

  • You can work independently and be more focused on the work
  • Your workspace is quiet rather than loud and busy (a reason I love remote jobs)
  • Your job allows you to work on your own time and that allows you to be focused and dedicated
  • A position where you may have some meetings, but they are not bombarding your calendar daily or weekly

How can you find jobs that suit you best? The key is to pay attention to job details when searching on job boards or anywhere online.

However, you won’t always get all the info you need to make a decision. In that case, you’ll get a feel during the interview process and you’ll want to ask questions as well about the work environment and expectations. 

Think back to all your previous jobs and ask yourself which characteristics of each job did you like and not like. Being aware of the specific features you want in a job will help you determine whether the position you’re interested in aligns with what you’re looking for. 

Look for job descriptions that ask for “detail-oriented” people, or that is looking for someone who doesn’t mind working on solitary projects or who is naturally creative. Introverts also tend to be the team players that focus on getting things done, the appropriate planning and completing projects.

If there’s a job that you think would suit you well, find out as much as you can about the company culture. Ask all the questions you think are necessary in the interview, and make sure the company knows your preferences.

Best Jobs for Introverts

So if you are an introvert, there are quite a few jobs and career options that might be best for you to consider. Yet, you also want positions where you can work alone and ones that pay well too. 

You want a winning combo of work that interests you, a work environment that doesn’t overwhelm you, and one that can ensure your personal finances will remain healthy. Easier said than done! 

But below are a few of the best jobs for introverts that you might want to consider. Some will require furthering your education, certifications, or building your own portfolio to show off your skills. 

1. Lawyer/paralegal

Although the word “lawyer” may bring up images of lawyers engaged in fierce debate in court, the reality is far from it. According to several surveys, lawyers tend to be more introverted. This is because lawyers actually spend most of their time doing research, writing papers and preparing cases. 

Paralegals for example, need to be extremely detail-oriented with a strong commitment to in-depth research. Jobs in the legal profession would suit you well if you are an introvert who’s interested in the justice system.

2. Animal Care Worker

Animal care workers simply provide care for animals. That means you could be working in animal shelters, pet stores, zoos and any commercial shop that requires animal care. Work will include feeding, grooming and training animals. 

Since animal care workers spend more time taking care of animals than humans, this could be a good job for introverts that like animals. However, this career option will pay less compared to others on this list pending your choice. 

For example, working in a zoo or doing animal research can pay well, but working at a pet store or grooming might not be as lucrative. But if the money is not as major of concern, then this could be rewarding. 

3. Accountant

Accounting is another great career path for introverts and a way to work alone. 

Most of the work is done independently, and requires attention to detail and high levels of focus. If you want to keep the socializing to a minimum, stay away from big corporates who require consultations with clients.

With that in mind, you can pick an accounting job that requires hours of working in solitude and making good money doing so. 

4. Video Editor

As a video editor, you’ll be editing videos using highly technical software.

Although you may need to interact with directors, other editors and assistants, most of the work will be done behind a computer and done from anywhere in the world.

This job is great for introverts who enjoy expressing their creativity while spending time alone. 

While you can go to school for this career, you can also learn and develop your own portfolio of work or start freelancing to build your portfolio. 

5. Counselor

Although counselors do require working with patients, most of the work is one-to-one and takes place in a quiet environment.

Counselors are a suited career for introverts who enjoy listening to others and engaging in deep thought on complex problems that require a high level of empathy. 

If you’re someone who enjoys helping others and likes being in a controlled environment, counseling could be the right career for you.

6. IT Analyst

IT is a good career for introverts, since it requires a lot of technical expertise and time alone in front of a computer.

These jobs are not only in high-demand since our world becomes more digitally advanced, but it can allow you to be creative and think about problems to be solved.

If you want to stay away from managing people or being on a team, being an IT Analyst or working in the field overall could suit you very well.

7. Engineer

Although engineering covers a broad selection of jobs, many of the jobs included require people who can do deep work and focus on highly complex problems.

While you may have interactions with other engineers and a team, you won’t be required to socialize all the time or do extroverted activities. This might be a good option if you are a blend of both introvert and extrovert. 

8. Author/writer

Authors or writers require many hours of quiet and focused concentration in order to get their job done. This means many hours spent behind a computer, thinking creatively and concentrating on your words. 

Communication is minimal and if you write books, you can let an agent manage any interaction with others.

But there are plenty of ways to get paid to write and make a full-time career out of this. Plus, most of the time you’ll get to work alone. 

9. Social Media Marketing 

Although social media marketing has the word “social” in it, the job mainly consists of working behind a computer for several hours at a time.

Social media marketing requires someone who can think creatively, pay attention to trends and listen to an audience. 

Although many social media managers work in-house, it’s also a great job for those who want to go freelance and pick and choose the projects they want to work on.

10. Financial Clerk

A financial clerk is someone who maintains the financial records of companies such as insurance agencies, credit services and other financial institutions. Financial clerks can include anything from credit managers, billing clerks, administrators, and more. 

Most of the work will require being in front of a computer and paying attention to records — great for introverts who like numbers and meticulous record keeping. But pay attention to the job requirements or info during an interview, some of these may require quite a bit of customer interactions.

11. Web Developer

Web developers are people who create websites or code parts of the website — either the front end or the back end of the website.

This job requires many hours of solitude in front of a computer and requires deep work in order to program and build complex projects.

It’s also a job that can be done on a freelance basis, and can also be well suited to those who want to combine coding with designing. 

12. Graphic Designer

Similar to web developers, graphic designers require many hours of working behind a computer. It’s another creative position that requires hours of concentrated and creative work, as well as attention to detail. 

It’s also another job that can be done on a freelance basis, which as an introvert will allow you to control how much social interaction you have.

13. Archivist

Archivists are those who keep records and manage catalogs. An archivist may be someone who works in a museum, in a library or any record-keeping institution.

As an archivist, you’ll spend a lot of time concentrating on records on a computer or with physical books. You won’t need to interact with too many people and you’ll have an opportunity to work alone for many hours at a time.

14. Translator

If you’re someone who is fluent in another language, working as a translator on written documents will allow you to focus on one project at a time and work mainly in solitude.

You’ll likely be spending most of your time behind a computer and will also have the opportunity to work on a freelance basis, allowing you to control the amount of social interaction in your day.

15. Self-Employed

Another job for introverts is one that you create yourself — meaning you are self-employed! Of course, you’ll want to start a business where you may not have to be around a lot of people or being face-to-face with customers all the time.

You might be a writer, marketer, web developer and you go out on your own full-time to offer your services. Or you could start an online business where everything is done from your computer.

It can be a bit intimidating and plenty of hard work to get started, but can be deeply rewarding for you and financially in the future.

Are you an introverted person? What interests you in your work? Did any of the jobs for introverts resonate with you? What career did you find that allows you to work alone? Let me know in the comments below!