10 Big Times Being Frugal Absolutely Crosses a Line

Some folks stretch their dollar bill until it screams for mercy. But, unfortunately, getting the most bang for your buck doesn’t always have to be torturous. According to a popular online frugal community, these are ten things you don’t want to do in the name of frugality.

1. Taking a Bumpy Ride

One person recounted her husband taking her on a cheap stinky bus ride to New York versus an affordable train. Her experience was terrible; she had motion sickness and irritability the entire trip. Finally, she noted, “Frugal is looking for a good fare. Cheap involves me vomiting.”

2. Making Friends Pay

Imagine a party where the host takes you shopping and then asks you to split the refreshment budget. You’ll get to witness the spectacle of your host counting pennies and trying to haggle with the cashier over the price of a bag of chips.

And don’t even think about asking for a refill! It is concerning how many people on the forum complained about going through something similar, even when the host in question was richer than any of them. 

3. Reusing When You Shouldn’t

Reusing things can be great, but sometimes, you’ve got to bid stuff goodbye for the sake of your and other people’s health. If you’re considering reusing dental floss picks, cotton pads, or disposable wipes, that’s probably not the best idea. 

4. Returning Rotten Vegetables

I was appalled to see a person talking about how a relative would buy overripe stuff only to return it later for a refund. What’s sad is how the person doing this isn’t even broke.

5. Leeching Off Of Your Partner

Someone recounted how a boyfriend would keep using his girlfriend’s resources to save up his. We’re talking about car mileage, utilities, making your girlfriend pay for food, etc. “Finding every excuse on why you can’t pay for things when you and your girlfriend go out (forgot wallet).”

6. Staying at Cheap Motels

Staying a night in a hotel with your girlfriend does not mean you have to find the best place on TripAdvisor. However, you might want to avoid a cheap motel that’s downright disgusting and unhygienic with bedbugs and roaches. Otherwise, it will be a night you won’t forget, but for all the wrong reasons. 

7. Using Minimal Bathwater

Conserving water is excellent for the environment, but I doubt that a bucket of less than 2″ of water will save lives. Firstly, it’s horrendously unsanitary because you can barely wash off your body with such a quantity. Secondly, as one described, it’s a dry and cold mess for anyone to experience.

8. Wearing Outgrown Clothes

Someone mentioned how their cousin would never get new clothes. Things were horrible to the point that the pants would be up to his ankles or even his knees! There is nothing wrong with hand-me-downs or reusing clothes, but it’s time for an upgrade when clothes don’t fit you.

And no, you don’t have to invest in a designer outfit. Instead, as a person suggested, you could quickly get some at TJ Maxx, Ross, and even thrift stores. 

9. Breaking Your Back to Save Your Bank

Now, this wise individual mentioned investing in a decent mattress and office chair (if applicable) for the love of your back. Being an adult is hard enough, so trust me when I say you don’t need back pain to make things any worse than they are. 

10. Sacrificing Your Feet to the Devils

If you have work that requires you to be on your feet, investing in a decent pair of shoes is necessary for your health. Many agreed because it’s easy to get work done when your feet aren’t killing you and you’re not bleeding due to shoe bites.

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