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As your family and finances start to grow, you may want to consider some kind of life insurance.

Yet, the process of getting life insurance quotes, talking to agents, and filling out paperwork is not exactly a fun process.

For most people, that means avoiding searching for a policy or struggling to make time to go through the process. However, it’s better to get it started than wait until something unfortunate happens to you. 

And thanks to technology, you can get life insurance quotes online in just a few quick minutes. Now you can answer some questions, get quotes of what you will pay, and then immediately sign up for a policy if you are ready. 

Yet, there are tons of options when doing a quick search online. 

So to make this easier, I narrowed down more about life insurance, figuring out how much insurance you need, and the best life insurance providers that you can get started with online. 

What Is Life Insurance?

Life insurance is a contract that is issued between an insurance company and an individual. The individual pays a premium to the insurance company on a regular basis (typically monthly), and in exchange, the insurance company offers a lump-sum payment to the beneficiaries once the person who owns the policy dies.

Life insurance is an important policy to hold because once you die, no one is there to take care of your family and your family’s finances

A life insurance policy can help pay off any debts that could burden your family such as a mortgage, credit cards and student loan debt. It can also help provide for your kids and family once you are gone, and might help them pay for college or buy a home. 

It will also help provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your family will be taken care of and protected if anything ever unexpected happens to you.

Not only that, but funerals can be very expensive, reaching into $10,000. A life insurance policy will help pay for your final expenses so your family don’t have to stress about paying it themselves.

Getting a life insurance policy is a great idea for those who have dependents, as the extra money will make it less stressful to live once you pass away.

If no one depends on your income, it may still be beneficial to get a life insurance policy to cover funeral costs. If you don’t think funeral costs will burden anyone and no one depends on your income, then life insurance might not be necessary. 

Two common types of life insurance

There are two main types of insurance: term life and whole life insurance. 

Term life insurance is to provide coverage for a specific period of time, usually between 10 and 20 years. Throughout the entire period, your premium payment doesn’t fluctuate. And once the period is over, you can continue your policy but usually at a slightly higher rate. 

Whole life insurance is also called permanent life insurance and is designed to provide coverage for your entire life. Since it covers an entire lifetime, whole life is usually more expensive than term life. Whole life also provides cash value, which means it can be accumulated as savings and taxes are deferred on it. 

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

One of the questions to ask yourself before you begin searching for life insurance quotes online, is how much insurance might you need?

Fortunately, most of the best options I’ll share below can give you estimates based on questions you answer. 

However, some things to think ahead about when it comes to life insurance include: 

  • Your family size
  • Current assets
  • Career and salary
  • Any liabilities

Remember, life insurance is a choice. It’s not something you are required to get and your needs can be very different from the next person. 

But it’s a good idea to understand the coverage amount you may need and what you can afford to pay monthly. 

What to Look for in Online Insurance Sites

In the last few years, online life insurance sites have popped up even more. Compared to traditional insurance agencies, these companies aim to make understanding your coverage and premiums much simpler. 

Now, you can answer a few questions, get what your terms, costs and coverage will be, and then immediately sign-up for the coverage if it looks good. In 10-15 minutes, you are done! Certainly lets the process be much less painful and is more affordable too. 

Yet, before you choose any online platform for life insurance, you want to make sure the sites include a few things: 

  • The insurance platform operates independently, meaning their insurance offerings are based on your specific needs. No hard up-sells on policies you don’t need.
  • Read their online reviews, what others are saying, and that the company is in decent standing with Better Business Bureau and follow industry standards. 
  • Ensure the application process is easy and asks the right questions. The last thing you want when getting a life insurance quote online is for it to take an hour of asking for every little detail. Your online option should ask the right questions, but without spending tons of time going through them.
  • Education material and calculators. Most of these online platforms will offer tons of great educational material and calculators to help you understand potential costs. Some will even provide an estimated cost before you have to even start the sign-up process.

Where Can I Get Life Insurance Quotes Online?

Thankfully, you can now get life insurance quotes online and make the process much less painful than it used to be.

There are also many insurance companies that are offering more affordable options, so you don’t need to break the bank to have financial protection.

Below are a few of the best options to get life insurance quotes online.

1. Bestow


Bestow is a life insurance company that aims to “help people protect their people”. They act as an agent between the insurance carrier North American Company for Life and Health Insurance and customers. 

The company offers term life insurance policies for a specific period of time. This means that after a certain period of time, the policy expires. You’ll pay the same premium throughout that period, and your death benefit won’t change.

Bestow offers both 10 and 20 year plans starting at $8 per month with a death benefit of up to $1 million; the cost varies depending on health factors such as smoking, weight and age.

You can easily apply to a plan online and get a life insurance quote in a few minutes. Get your free quote from Bestow.

2. HavenLife 


HavenLife is another insurance company that offers term life insurance online.

Their intuitive and streamlined application process takes 25 minutes, and applicants who are under 59 can get started right away with a $1 million coverage without a medical exam. They are backed by MassMutual, one of the oldest insurance companies in the US. 

HavenLife doesn’t charge any commissions, has a good reputation for customer service and offers some unique features such as a “death benefit rider.”

This allows users to access a portion of the policy benefit early on if the user has a terminally ill condition. Calculate your estimated rate with HavenLife.

3. Ladder 


Ladder is an insurance startup that offers affordable life insurance specifically to people between the ages of 20 to 60.

As an intuitive startup, they offer great online customer experience and customers can get covered in minutes. They also offer a feature that lets users decrease and increase their coverage as needed. 

Ladder does not require a medical exam in order to give you a quote; instead, they ask you a series of questions and ask you to do a medical exam based on the answers you provide.

You can usually receive an answer within 20 minutes, drastically reducing the time it takes to apply to life insurance.

They are backed by Allianz Life Insurance Company and offer policy periods of between 10 and 30 years, with death benefits ranging between $100,000 to $8 million. Once you reach the age of 40, the company offers a different set of policy options. 

Get your free quote with Ladder.

4. Fabric


Fabric is another “insurtech” that puts the life insurance process online, allowing applicants to apply completely online. They only offer term life insurance, and you can easily apply online in 5 to 10 minutes.

You’ll need to answer a list of questions about your health and personal information but you could receive an offer immediately after submitting your application, without needing a health exam.

If an offer can’t be made right away, your application will be reviewed by the underwriting team. They may ask follow-up questions, review medical history, and for some, request a no-cost medical exam.

And if you are required to take a health exam, you can schedule a time on the website and a medical professional will visit your home to take the test. Applications for over 1M will need to take a health exam. 

Fabric offers policies with death benefits of up to $5 million in coverage with 10, 15 and 20 year term lengths.

An extra feature, is Fabric offers a free tool to help you write a will, where you can add specifics of how you want everything arranged once you pass away. Get started with Fabric in three steps.

*Fabric offers term life insurance policies (Form ICC16-VLT, ICC16-VLT19, and CMP 0501 with state variations where applicable) issued by Vantis Life Insurance Company (Vantis Life), Windsor, CT (all states except NY), and by Vantis Life Insurance Company of New York, Brewster, NY (NY only). Coverage may not be available in all states. Issuance of coverage for term life insurance is subject to underwriting review and approval. Please see a copy of the policy for the full terms, conditions and exclusions. Policy obligations are the sole responsibility of Vantis Life.

5. Everyday Life  


Everyday Life insurance offers life insurance products that are backed by Banner Life Insurance Company. Their website makes it incredibly easy to navigate and apply to term life insurance.

They offer guidance to anyone who has never purchased life insurance, and you can easily ring them up to be guided through the process.

You’ll get recommendations based on your answers and will be able to customize the policy to fit your needs quite easily. 

Their insurance policies are quite flexible and you can change the details as you experience life events such as marriage and children.

Although they offer some great features, they act more as a connector between buyers and sellers, and currently only work with one carrier. Get started with Everyday Life by answering a few questions.

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