6 Signs That You Are Too Obsessed With Making Money Now

Making money is something I’ve been working on quite a bit the last few years to better my financial health.

Yet, at times I also found myself becoming a bit too obsessed with making money now and the pursuit of wanting to get rich. I think it’s a natural feeling for many in our society.

However, I’ve been fortunate enough to catch myself and ensure I do not make it my entire life either.

Life is short and anything can change in an instant.  So while money is important to our lives, it should not be all that matters.

Below are a few signs that might signal you are becoming too obsessed with making money or getting rich fast.

1. All You Talk About Is Money

That’s rich coming from a personal finance nerd like me, right? (That’s rich, get it? #MoneyPuns)

As much as I do think about money, it’s not something I talk about constantly to everyone in my life. It can be a touchy subject to some, plus there is plenty of topics to discuss with others about besides money.

If you find that every word you speak or most of your conversations lead to making money, getting rich, or how much you’re making, try to find ways to dial it back. You shouldn’t have money on your brain 24/7.

2. You Stress Yourself Out Trying to Get Rich

Money is stressful and managing personal finances can be too. But if your obsession with getting rich and chasing the “almighty dollar” is stressing you out, you may be too obsessive.

I’m all about working hard and chasing financial independence, but if it is affecting your mental and physical well-being, it’s time to re-evaluate your goals.

Ask yourself, “Is trying to make money or get rich worth the toll it has on my body and mind?”

3. You Jump On Every Money Making Idea

Since making money now is a heavy priority, anytime some new way to make money comes up, you’re the first one to jump on it.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to try something new, but it can become a problem if you never see something through and jump to the next thing right away.

By doing this, you aren’t putting 100% of your focus on something and can get frustrated when it doesn’t work out. This can take a serious toll on your mind.

I actually battled this for awhile a few years ago, trying to figure out what kind of side hustle to pursue. I got excited about ideas I read about and the potential money it could make, but would quickly abandon that to move on to something else if it didn’t work right away.

Needless to say, it was frustrating me and was actually costing me time and money!

4. You’re Alienating Friends and Family

I love working on side projects that generate income and working towards my financial goals. But, I also am learning to spend time away from these items. This includes spending more moments with friends, family, and my significant other.

If you start noticing that you are alienating friends and family, or sacrificing close relationships to spend every waking hour focusing on money, you’re developing an unhealthy pattern.

What you should ask yourself is, after making all this money, who will be around for you to enjoy my life with? Your pursuit can push you to the top, but you might be standing there all alone.

And independence from others is certainly okay, but you may start pushing away the people that matter most in your life.

5. Assuming Your Happiness Strictly Depends on Money

You’ve probably read or have heard others say it, money doesn’t guarantee you happiness. Many pursue money thinking it will make them much happier.

Sure, driving a lambo around an oceanfront property would probably make you smile a bit, for example. But once the excitement of having money settles, many times that happiness fades too.

If your mindset is that happiness is strictly based on your money, you might be too obsessed with the idea what getting rich can mean. Remember that your self-worth is not based on your bank account.

6. Your Constantly Comparing Your Finances to Others

I actually wrote about this when the blog was just a baby (it still is), but constantly comparing yourself financially to others can also be a signal. There will always be someone better than you that you know — that’s life!

But, there are also a lot of people who spend money they don’t have to keep up appearances. And constantly focusing on others financials or stuff that may indicate their wealth, will drive you nuts.

For awhile, I felt stuck in my career and that I was financially far behind my peers and people I knew. It did make me work harder, but I always became fixated on what others had or were doing.

It was a dangerous path to start getting on, but I credit the Millionaire Next Door and other readings to realize it doesn’t matter how well-off I am, others are faking it and others will just always be wealthier than me — and that’s okay.

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Ask Yourself Why You Are Obsessed with Money

I think there are so many factors to why many of us become so enamored with money. And there is nothing wrong with working hard, looking to better your financial future, and ensure a safety net for your family.

But sometimes, we become too obsessive over making money now or wanting to get rich.

My interests in personal finance, saving, and investing aggressively really stemmed from just never wanting to worry about money in the future. I’ve seen all sides of the affects of money, so it’s been important for me to work hard, but also stay grounded and not make it my entire life.

I think the trouble begins when your pursuit and interests become so obsessive that it is causing harm to your quality of life and those around you, instead of being beneficial.

There were times where I’ve borderline becoming too obsessed over the last few years, but I’ve been able to dial it back.

Consider this a combo of fortunately having the right mindset, having a great upbringing, keeping good people around me, and witnessing other people I know suffer from their money obsessions that keep me self-aware.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully some of the signs above can help you recognize some negative money behaviors you may have developed or maybe just help keep you a bit more grounded.

Or maybe I’m being too preachy? I truly hope not as I never want to have that “holier than thou” attitude when it comes to finances.

You’re probably thinking, “Damn, let me live my life man!” Sorry, just dumping out thoughts here.

Anyway, some of these items above may really be unintentional or you are just now realizing what your obsessive money pursuits are doing.

I think it’s also important to remember if you’re not happy in your life now, your hardcore pursuit of money won’t help either. Temporarily maybe, but when the dust settles you’ll still have the same unhappy feeling.

What do you think? Have you caught yourself (or others) becoming too obsessed with making money or trying to get rich? Let me know in the comments below.