Video Games or Girlfriend: This Guy Spent Entire Savings On This Choice

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One woman shared her story on an online platform about her fiance, who spent their wedding and honeymoon savings on a gaming PC, and then proceeded to ignore her. We’ll call her Lucy.

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In December of last year, Lucy and her fiancé became engaged. The following January, they made the decision to save money each month for their wedding and honeymoon, resulting in approximately $8000 in savings over the course of six months. Recently, her fiancé’s best friend purchased a new gaming PC, prompting Lucy’s fiancé to also desire one.

Despite the fact that they both already owned laptops, her fiancé repeatedly asked Lucy if they could purchase a PC. Despite her initial refusal, she eventually agreed and is now regretting her decision. After waiting for a week, Lucy’s fiancé’s new gaming PC, desk, and chair arrived.

She was surprised to see that he had also ordered a gaming chair and desk. That night, Lucy asked him how much it all cost, and he was hesitant to reveal the amount. When he finally disclosed that he had spent their entire savings of $8000, Lucy was devastated.

They had a huge argument as Lucy scolded him for spending their wedding savings that, included not just his but also her money. Her fiancé’s only response was, “I will earn it all back soon,” but Lucy didn’t trust those words at all.

All Alone

Lucy never imagined things could get worse, but they have. Two weeks have passed since her fiancé got the gaming PC, and he hasn’t left his new chair since. He hasn’t even looked at her since he started playing games on the computer. The only time he speaks to her is to ask for food or drink.

When she asks him to watch TV or sleep together, he denies her, saying he’s busy or will do it later. His sleep schedule is ruined, and he stays up all night gaming and sleeps until 2 pm. Lucy is awake when he’s asleep, and he’s awake when she’s asleep.

She feels so lonely that it seems like she’s living alone with no one to talk to. He’s ignoring her so much that she thinks he’s forgotten she exists. Lucy feels like a waitress because the only interaction they have is when he asks for food and drink, and she gives it to him.

No Help

Lucy’s fiancé has also stopped doing any of the house chores. Lucy has been doing all of the household work for the past two weeks, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for her to manage everything alone. They used to share their responsibilities, but now he’s not even taking care of himself.

He hardly brushes his teeth or takes a bath, let alone helps with the housework. Moreover, he’s supposed to be working from home, but since the PC arrived, he hasn’t even touched his laptop for work. He’s not even checking his phone for work-related calls or texts. Lucy is genuinely concerned that he might lose his job, and the situation is becoming more and more challenging for her to handle on her own.

Lucy called her parents and shared everything with them, but they didn’t have much to say. She’s considering calling her fiancé’s parents tonight, hoping they can talk some sense into him. She’s not sure what else to do and feels like burning the PC.

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