Storytime: 10 Ridiculously Dumb Things People Would Do With $5 Billion

Money can be a powerful tool, allowing us to achieve our dreams and desires. But what happens when someone is given an excessive amount of money and is asked to spend it in the dumbest way possible? This was the question posed in an online forum, and the answers were nothing short of ridiculous. From giant statues of themselves to private islands with volcanoes, people came up with some of the most extravagant and impractical ideas for spending $5 billion.

1. Build a Giant Statue of Themselves

One user said they would construct a 200-foot statue of themselves in the center of a city. They would also hire people to worship the statue and throw rose petals at their feet. This idea screams narcissism, but it’s not surprising that someone with $5 billion to burn would be egotistical enough to make it happen.

2. Cover a Yacht in Gold

Another user said they would purchase a yacht and have it entirely covered in gold. It’s hard to say if this is more about flaunting wealth or just trying to create a blinding distraction on the water. Either way, it’s a ridiculous and ostentatious idea.

3. Build a Castle Made Entirely of Ice Cream

One user suggested they would build a castle entirely out of ice cream, including the walls, floors, and furniture. It’s hard to imagine how this would work practically, and the idea of a melting castle made out of frozen dessert sounds like a nightmare for both the builder and the clean-up crew.

4. Create a Life-Size Replica of the Titanic and Sink It

One user said they would spend $5 billion to create a life-size replica of the Titanic and intentionally sink it. It’s unclear whether this idea is meant to be a twisted art piece or a tasteless spectacle, but either way, it’s an expensive and dangerous proposition.

5. Buy an Entire Island and Create a Jurassic Park

One user suggested buying an island and filling it with cloned dinosaurs to create a real-life Jurassic Park. While this may sound like a thrilling adventure, it’s important to remember that cloning dinosaurs is impossible with current technology, and trying to create a theme park filled with dangerous creatures would be a recipe for disaster.

6. Building a Castle Made Entirely Out of Cheese

One Reddit user suggested using their fortune to construct a massive castle out of cheese. While this idea may seem absurd, it’s not entirely impossible. In 2018, a cheese sculpture of a life-size dragon was created in the UK, so why not a castle?

7. Creating a Private Island Shaped Like a Giant Middle Finger

Another user proposed using their $5 billion to purchase an island and shape it into a massive middle finger. This gesture may seem offensive to some, but it’s hard to deny the comedic value of such an island.

8. Buying a Town and Renaming It After Oneself

Some people dream of having a town named after them, and with $5 billion, that dream could become a reality. One person suggested buying an entire town and naming it after themselves. It may sound egotistical, but who wouldn’t want to live in a town called “Johnsonville” or “Smithtown”?

9. Commissioning a Life-Size Replica of the Titanic and Sailing It Around the World

For those who are fans of the movie “Titanic,” this idea may sound appealing. One user suggested using their money to commission a life-size replica of the famous ship and sail it around the world. Hopefully, the second voyage will have more success than the first.

10. Building a Roller Coaster That Circles the Entire Earth

One user suggested using $5 billion to build a roller coaster that circles the entire Earth. While this may be the most expensive and impractical idea on this list, it’s hard to deny the excitement of such a ride.