Tally App Review: How To Overcome Your Credit Card Debt Faster

By Todd Kunsman

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Let’s be honest about credit card debt in America. It’s pretty bad and many are struggling with paying down their credit cards and ensuring to stay out of consumer debt. 

The average household credit card debt is roughly around $7,104!

And managing this debt with all the other areas of your financial life can be tricky, which is where Tally can help. 

You might be struggling to figure out which credit card to pay first (if you have more than one) or if you should pay the higher or lower balance one first.

Between those questions and your various credit card debts you may have, high interest rates, and late fees — it’s easy to get trapped or feel there is no end in sight. 

But Tally is a financial app that helps you pay off your credit card debt in a smarter way.

Quick Review:  In short, I RECOMMEND Tally to help manage your credit card debt and help pay balances faster, giving it a 8.5/10 score.  You create a free account and download the app here.

What Is Tally?

Tally is a credit card consolidation app (iPhone and Android) that helps you pay off your credit card debt in a smarter way. It is considered the world’s first automated debt manager that helps you to save money, manage your cards and pay down your balances faster.

But Tally essentially makes it easy to stay on top of your credit cards.

The goal is to not only organize your debt easier, but continually pay it on time, save money on late fees, lower your interest rates so you save even more. 

Here are some of their main features:

Credit Card Manager

Tally organizes all the details of your credit cards in one place, instead of having to manage multiple locations. Add your cards into the app and you’ll get a full view of all your credit cards.

Debt Manager

They have their “Tally Advisor,” which is their robo-advisor. This feature analyzes your current spending habits. It then provides recommendations to you on how to get out of any debt much faster.

Late Fee Protection

Who doesn’t hate late fees? Well, besides the company collecting them. But once a month, Tally checks each of your credit card accounts to ensure you’ve made the minimum payment amount for the month. If you haven’t or missed a payment, they will make the minimum payment on your behalf using your Tally line of credit.

Line of Credit

Once you download Tally and scan the credit cards you’d like us to manage, they will analyze your credit profile to determine if Tally can offer you a line of credit loan with a lower APR than you’re currently paying — and that helps you save money.

Save on Interest:

Tally will transfer your higher APR balances to your Tally line of credit. The lower APR on your Tally line of credit helps you save money on interest right away.

How Does Tally App Work?

While the Tally app is free to download, being able to use their features will depend on your financial background.

In order for them to help you with your credit card debt, you’ll need to have a FICO credit score of at least 660 or higher. 

While it may not be helpful if your credit is lower, working on maintaining a better score a bit first. Tally does this to protect themselves as well from potential risks. 

With that said, here are the basics of how Tally works. 

Think of Tally as your personal assistant when it comes to managing your credit card payments and debt. Once you download Tally, you’ll scan the credit cards you’d like them to manage. 

At the same time Tally will look at your credit score to determine if they can offer you a line of credit loan with a lower APR than you’re currently paying — which helps you save money.

However, the amount is not unlimited and depends on your situation. The credit line is used to pay your credit cards, so you are now paying Tally at a lower rate instead of directly to the credit card companies.

With your line of credit, the Tally app directs payments to the highest APR cards while lowering payments to other cards, maximizing use of your funds.

What Financial Companies Does Tally Work With? 

Tally works with quite a number of credit card companies and also various stores credit cards as well. Thus ensuring, you’ll be able to use their app to save money and get your debt in control. 

Credit Card Companies: American Express, Bank of America, Barclays, Capital One, Chase, Citibank, Discover, Fifth Third Bank, First Bankcard, PNC Bank, U.S. Bank, and Wells Fargo. 

Store Credit Cards: AEO Connected, AEO Connected Visa, Amazon Prime Store Card, Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card, Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card, Home Depot Consumer Credit Card, Home Depot Project Loan, Macy’s Credit Card, My Best Buy Credit Card, My Best Buy Visa, Sears Card, Sears Mastercard, TJX Rewards Access, and TJX Rewards Credit Card.

Tally will continue to add more over time as they get approvals and more partnerships. 

Does Tally Affect Your Credit Score?

The Tally application process is only a soft credit check, which means it will not impact your current credit score. When you set up your account you must have a FICO score of 660 or higher to take advantage of their services. They will look at various aspects of your credit profile as part of the qualification process, so your credit score is not the sole determining factor either. 

Does Tally Cost Money?

Tally app is completely free to download for iPhone or Android and they do not charge any fees to use the app. Tally makes money by charging interest on the amount you borrow from them with their line of credit. However, they only make money if they can save you money — that’s important! 

There is no annual fee, no origination fee, no prepayment fee, no balance transfer fee, no late fee, no over-limit fee. This is where Tally really shines. 

Where Is Tally Available?

Currently, the Tally app is available for iPhone and Android. Unfortunately, they currently do not have a desktop application, where you could just manage on your computer. 

What States Is Tally Available In?

Tally is currently available in the following states: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Washington DC, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wisconsin. 

Unfortunately, Tally’s services are not available in every state currently. Eventually, they hope to be available in all, but for now they have limits. 

Is Tally Safe?

For most, giving an app access to financial accounts and credit cards can cause a bit of concern. But like any good company in this space, Tally uses bank-level encryption to help ensure your information is secure and guarded from potential hackers. Remember to always use strong passwords and keep your information as safe as possible regardless. 

Is the Tally App Legit?

Yes, the Tally app is legit if you need help with your credit card debt and looking to consolidate your credit accounts into one. The app’s services will help you save money by managing your credit cards and paying balances on your behalf. If you want to simplify your credit card payments and never pay a late fee again, Tally could be right for you.

Final Thoughts

Fortunately, I got my small amount of credit debt resolved a few years ago and have not looked back.

So personally, I do not use the Tally app at this time. But had this existed back when I had my debt, I would have certainly put it to the test. 

From reading more about Tally app and feedback from others, many are seeing real benefits to their personal finances.

The advantages include lowering your interest rate, automatic payments of your credit cards, no fees to use Tally, helps pay your debt faster, and more. 





  • Fee-free
  • iOS and Android apps
  • Easy and intuitive to use

  • Not available in all states
  • Must have min 660 credit score to use
  • No desktop platform