10 Big Investments People Made That Turned Out To Be Terrible

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Sometimes, people can make bad decisions that can lead to bad investments. That can result in losing money and time spent on the idea. Therefore, significant research and banking on a return are crucial before investing and buying something. Here are ten significant investments that didn’t work out well for people.

1. Furniture

A terrible decision or no luck? The first person describing their bad investment experience explained how buying expensive furniture was a terrible decision.

Having to move and abandon everything because of an emergency made them rethink even purchasing a small chair after losing all the expensive furniture.

2. Beanie Babies

Remember the Beanie Babies from the 90s? A woman confessed to having a giant box of them in her garage that her kids rummaged through occasionally. While scrolling eBay, you may see them listed for $200k, but no one is buying.

Another shared, “You can filter the results only to show things already sold! That’s how I discovered that neither of my special edition beanie babies is worth selling.”

3. A Weighted Blanket

Have you heard that weighted blankets are great at relieving anxiety? You’re not alone. However, an anxiety sufferer said it was their most significant waste of money to date. “I already struggle to breathe properly because of anxiety, and the weighted blanket felt like it was suffocating me.”

4. Luxury Makeup Palettes

Buying luxury makeup palettes that sit on the shelf collecting dust was one woman’s worst investment before several others concurred, noting, ” I realize I don’t want a full glam look every single day.

5. Wellness and Fitness Supplements

Anything regarding fitness and wellness – supplements, shakes, etc. was deemed expensive and a waste of money. One suggested, “Eat whole foods and discipline yourself.” Additionally, avoid all of the MLM huns in your DMs asking you to be their product testers for weight loss and wraps. No. It does not work.

6. An Epilator

OK. This one made me laugh out loud. Women everywhere explained that an epilator was their worst investment for “pain-free” hair removal. Several confessed to returning theirs after questioning the pain-free statement on the box, “Compared to what? Childbirth?”

After one admitted, they stuck to waxing because it hurts less and is much quicker, another semi-jokingly reported, “Waxing hurts LESS? Crosses epilator off future purchases list.”

7. Bissell Pet Jet Spot Cleaner

A few unsatisfied customers listed a Bissell Pet Jet Spot Cleaner. One alleged that it doesn’t pick up all the cleaning solutions. Furthermore, “The spot looks worse than when you started!” However, another argued it had been a good investment for them.

8. Expensive Gym Membership

People tend to lose a lot of money because paying way too much for gym memberships and personal training. They indicated that all the time and money spent on an expensive gym could be used in other more productive ways for investing in individual health and organization.

Additionally, there are thousands of free YouTube workouts to avoid the expense of a gym membership that many people pay for but don’t use anyway. If that’s you, skip the membership. It doesn’t help if you don’t go!

9. Fiat Ducato Motorhome

One strange investment was buying the 90s Fiat Ducato motorhome. According to one user, their experience was terrible for several reasons. First, the person wrote they spent too much money on the vehicle and its reparation. Finally, they deemed it a horrible investment that gave them little return.

10. Expensive Bachelor’s Degree

Investing in yourself through education has almost always a good return, but a final user described the feeling when it isn’t the case. It mainly depends on the degree and school. Unfortunately, today, picking the right and profitable one is a must if you plan to return the several hundred thousand dollars of investments.

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