10 Examples of Appreciating Assets That Build Your Net Worth

One goal that you might have for yourself is to build your net worth, which can help you create a comfortable financial future.

Your net worth is the value of all the non-financial and financial assets that you currently own minus the value of any of your current outstanding liabilities.

Net Worth Definition

Appreciating Assets are assets that tend to go up in price over time

Appreciating Asset Definition

No one can accurately predict what the future will hold, but these assets have a good chance of helping you build wealth.

1. Real Estate

This can be in the form of single-family homes, multi-family homes, commercial real estate like office buildings, and even land or farmland.

List of appreciating assets:

2. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

A REIT is just a pool of money that is used to purchase and even sell real estate properties.

3. Stocks

When you invest in stocks, you take part in the ownership of a company in order to generate dividends and to increase your share price over time.

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