The Common Money Mistakes You Need to Avoid Entirely 

It is inevitable that during your lifetime of getting your finances together, you’re going to make some common money mistakes.

Here are some of the common money mistakes to avoid making to keep your finances in healthy shape.

Buying a new car too soon

That money for a down payment and recurring monthly payment could have gone to paying off student loans faster or building my savings up.

Moving into an apartment you can barely afford too soon

While in hindsight it might be time to move out of Mom and Dad’s house, this can also backfire if you move out too quickly.

By paying yourself first and calculating how much to take out as soon as you are paid, you ensure consistent savings.

Paying your bills first

Using a credit card to purchase a  high-price item

You don’t want to carry a balance because you can be slammed with high-interest rates, which that money could have been put to better use.

Don’t buy a house you can barely afford. Don’t purchase a car that you’ll struggle to pay. Ignore what others have and focus on you.

Not living below your means

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