11 Financial Concepts To Understand Before Turning 30

The basic financial concepts will cover everything from banking, understanding credit and credit cards, how to save money, investing basics, and how to earn more money.

What Are The Basic Financial Concepts?

1. Net Worth

The Basic Financial Concepts

Your net worth helps you measure your current financial wealth and is calculated by taking your total assets minus the total amount you owe.

2. Compound Interest

The Basic Financial Concepts

This is when you invest your money and it earns interest over time, but then you let that interest also receives interest.

3. Inflation

The Basic Financial Concepts

As prices of goods or services rise due to inflation, it means you’ll able to afford less and less.

4. Liquidity

The Basic Financial Concepts

Liquidity is about how accessible your money is currently if you needed it. 

5. Money Mindset

The Basic Financial Concepts

The way you think and feel about money (or about those who have money) is a critical concept that shapes the way you will approach your finances.

6. Bull & Bear Markets

The Basic Financial Concepts

Bull Market: The market is on the rise and is continuing to grow. Bear Market: The market is on the decline and stock prices continue decreasing.

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