12 Best Cash Envelope Wallets To Help You Budget Better

These cash envelope wallets help you easily carry cash, but also divide up your money into manageable categories that help you stick with your budget.

What is The Cash Envelope Wallet System?

The cash envelope wallet system is a simple process that helps you stay on track with spending. The system means planning your monthly spending in advance and taking cash out of the bank in preparation for all of your purchases.

Best Cash Envelope Wallets

Magicfly offers an incredibly popular envelope wallet, with over 500 Amazon reviews (averaging 4.6 out of 5 stars!).

1. Magicfly Cash Envelope Wallet 

Best Cash Envelope Wallets

The Divvy Up envelope wallet is much more subtle and discreet, perfect for the style-conscious budgeted.

2. Divvy Up The Savvy Spender

Best Cash Envelope Wallets

Soligt provides value for money with their envelope wallet package; offering the wallet and envelopes alongside budget sheets.

3. Soligt All-in-One Cash Envelope Wallet

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