14 Bad Money Habits That Will Keep You Broke Forever

If you are stuck living paycheck to paycheck and do not have a budget in place, you probably don’t really know where your money is going.

1. You don’t know where your money goes

Being lazy is just as bad and it costs you money. Remove this bad money habit immediately! 

2. You’re lazy or procrastinate when it comes to your finances

This is a popular strategy in the personal finance world, but is key to really helping you build a savings.

3. You don’t pay yourself first

It’s how to end up in debt quickly, financing items you can’t afford, and wasting more money on interest.

4. You spend money on things you can’t afford

People who are negative, pessimistic, and put the blame on others or societal factors can really drag you down. Misery loves company.

5. You surround yourself with negativity

Being reliant on one source can put you in a tricky financial situation if something comes up. But it can also keep you broke.

6. You only rely on one income stream

Most wealthy people who didn’t inherit money, worked really hard behind the scenes for years.

7. You’re trying to get rich quick

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