15 Best Reddit Personal Finance Communities You Should Follow

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What is a Subreddit?

1. r/PersonalFinance

Subscribers: 14 million+ Topics: Everything      Personal Finance

Best Personal  Finance Subreddits

2. r/FinancialIndependence

Subscribers: 818k Topics: Financial Independence, Retire Early

3. r/FinancialPlanning

Subscribers: 172k Topics: Financial Planning,  Frugality, Money, and More!

Best Personal  Finance Subreddits

4. r/FIRE

Subscribers: 70k+ Topics: Financial Freedom, Retiring Early, Investing

5. r/Passive_Income

Best Personal Finance Subreddits

6. r/PovertyFinance

Subscribers: 100k+ Topics: Making Money, Income Streams, Side Hustles

Subscribers: 440k+ Topics: Financial Advice, Guidance for Those Struggling Financially,

7. r/Frugal

Best Personal Finance Subreddits

8. r/Investing

Subscribers: 1.4 million+ Topics: Saving Money, Frugal Tips

Subscribers: 1.2 million+ Topics: Investing, Stock Market, Stock Market News

It does give you various perspectives to think about with your own finances.

Positives of Personal Finance Subreddits

You do have the elitists and trolls, both who are equally annoying.

Negatives of Personal Finance Subreddits

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