15 Easy Ways You Can Save Money On Food This Year

How much you should budget for food depends on how many people you are providing for, where you are living and how strict you need to keep your current budget. 

How Much Should I Budget for Food?

Creating your food budget

When you get started with your budget, it helps to have the right tools. This could be a simple Excel spreadsheet where you input all your numbers, or it could be an automated tool such as Tiller, You Need A Budget, or other alternatives to You Need A Budget. 

1. Couponing

Most grocery stores and supermarkets offer their own couponing apps where you can easily select the coupons you want to use and then they are automatically added on when you checkout.

Easy Ways You Can Save Money On Food

2. Take advantage of sales

Make sure to check whenever your grocery store and shop is doing a sale. You can plan your meals around when they offer food on sale, and then take advantage of any food on discounts.

Easy Ways You Can Save Money On Food

3. Meal planning

Easy Ways You Can Save Money On Food

Having a meal plan is a great way to save money on groceries as you’ll be able to drastically reduce food waste and budget more precisely.

4. Buy in bulk

When you plan your meals, another good option for your family’s finances to make sure to buy more in bulk. You are more likely to get good discounts and will be able to store food for a year+ or keep the food in the freezer for weeks on end. 

Easy Ways You Can Save Money On Food

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