18 Income Producing Assets That Will Grow Your Wealth Today

Have you ever wondered what it takes to grow wealth?

You might have a few answers in mind, but one of the main areas to wealth building is investing in income producing assets.

Income producing assets definition:

Income producing assets definition:

Simply put, these are assets that help put your money to work and generate more passive income for you.

1. Dividend Paying Stocks

Without a doubt, the most popular income producing asset is investing in the stock market. And you have a few options like individual stocks, mutual funds or index funds, and ETFs.

2. Rental Properties

It’s not the easiest outlet and there is plenty of risk involved. But real estate can also be very rewarding.

3. Real Estate Crowdfunding

Instead of the hassle of needing large amounts of money upfront and dealing with the maintenance of owning property, crowdfunding removes some of those limitations.

What income producing assets are you investing in currently? Which ones have caught your eye and you might be looking into? Are there others you really like not on this list? Swipe up and Let me know .

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