23 Great Ways to Treat Yourself Without Going Completely Broke 

You might have heard of “treat yourself” through the popular sitcom Parks and Recreation, where two of the characters have a day each year where they pamper themselves.

However, you also want to be careful that you aren’t treating yourself TOO much, where you are overspending and going into debt to satisfy some instant gratification.

What Does It Mean to “Treat Yourself?”

Treating yourself is about giving yourself the chance to enjoy small pleasures every now and then. 

Best Ways to Treat Yourself

Yes, you can treat yourself without spending too much money! We’ve put together a few ways you can get started, some which will keep you from needing to drop a lot of cash.

Instead of traveling halfway across the world on your next vacation, why not stay at home and explore the city you live in?

1. Do a staycation

When’s the last time you read your favorite book? Find it again and then cozy up for a few hours to read.

2. Read a good book

3. Sign-up for a monthly subscription box

These will vary in price, but for $50-$100 per month, you’ll get a new box of goodies right to your door. 

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