29 of the Best Personal Finance Tips for Beginners and Beyond

This is a collection of the very best ones that beginners really need to know. I’ve seen posts with like 75+ tips and I’ve seen articles with just a handful of very general tips.

Ready to get started? These 29 personal finance tips blend various categories of finances like budgeting, saving, investing, and more.

1. Create a Simple Budget

If you have not created a budget, even in a spreadsheet, DO IT By no means am I a fan of obsessing over my budget calendar, but when you are first starting out you need to do this.

Best Personal Finance Tips for Beginners and Beyond

I like to write down all my current debt separately. Not only the total amounts, but interest rates, amount of the minimum payments, loan length, etc. It helped me organize what should be paid first, if I should make extra payments, and beyond.

2. Write Down All Your Debt

3. Slow Down Your Lifestyle: LBYM

LBYM, or “live below your means.” Such a simple concept, yet most of us do not practice it well.  If you have a limited salary and high debt, by no means should you be upgrading to a brand new car, getting an expensive apartment, going out to eat every day, etc.

4. Maximize Your Credit Score

Monitoring your credit can help you catch mistakes, overdue bills, info about your loans, and just overall how your score is doing. And it can help you prevent identity theft too.

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