29 Best Personal Finance Tips for Beginners and Beyond

These 29 personal finance tips below blend various categories of finances like budgeting, saving, investing, and more.

1. Create a Simple Budget

A budget gives you the big picture of how you are spending, what income you are bringing in, etc.

Now, your budget and net worth might give you some insight, but I like to write down all my current debt separately. Not only the total amounts, but interest rates, amount of the minimum payments, loan length, etc.

2. Write Down All Your Debt

With social media, trying to keep up with friends, and our consumer mentality, we fall into a trap of overspending on things we don’t really need to keep up appearances. It’s okay to live comfortably, but don’t live beyond your means.

3. Slow Down Your Lifestyle: LBYM

4. Maximize Your Credit Score

If your score is really low, start work on improving this number. It can affect you getting future car loans, mortgages, apartments, and affects what kind of interest rate you might get.

5. Create A Savings Plan (And Stick to It)

When just getting started with your personal finances, you need to create a savings plan and actually  stick to it.

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