3 Major Contributors to Your Money Problems  [How To Fix Them Today]

 Money problems are something all too common and there can be many causes to why you are struggling financially.

Common Causes to Your Money Problems

- Underemployed: Not making enough at your job to get by - Unemployed: Job loss and having trouble finding a good gig - Large amount of debt with high interest, whether student loan or credit card - Not preparing for retirement, whether lack of knowledge or lack of money to set aside

1. You Have A Consumer Mentality

The challenge is — unless you learn to break the mentality and adopt more of an investor mentality — you’ll find yourself overspending and needlessly upgrading your material things.

2. Social Media

I see social media as good for businesses, building a brand, and great for marketing. But on the flip side, social media can hurt your pockets if you compare yourself to others too much online.

3. Financial Illiteracy

Lastly, financial illiteracy is a big reason for your current or past money problems. It was one that greatly affected me up until a few years ago, but correcting that has made a world of difference.

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