30-Day Rule: Managing Your Impulse Spending

One of the challenges for many people when it comes to their finances is controlling how much they spend.

However, there is a solution you can try that can help you break the bad buying habits called the  30-Day rule.

What is the  30-Day Rule?

It allows you to reconsider those whimsical purchases we all make and eventually keep more of your hard-earned cash. 

Ways to Stick With the 30-Day Rule 

Here are some ways to help stick to the 30-Day Rule: 

Having a regular check-in to work out how well you are moving towards a no impulse-spending goal could be beneficial to the overall saving process.

Have a goal and track your progress

Everybody loves a challenge! Why not compete against family and friends to see who can save the most money in a month or stop spending?

Involve your friends or family

Remember that a purchase every once in awhile is okay

Once those 30-Days are complete, don’t feel guilty if you still want to buy after all.

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