35 Money Affirmations to Attract Wealth and Abundance

Let’s explore what money affirmations are, various examples, and how they can empower you further.

Money affirmations are phrases and mantras about finance that allow the individual to more easily visualize the lifestyle they desire and to keep the person more focused. They are usually repeated out loud or internally and may be repeated daily or weekly.

Money affirmations definition

The purpose of money affirmations is to remind the user (usually, on a daily basis), of the thoughts, feelings, and desires that come with having more money. The constant suggestion aligns with the law of attraction; which says that you will achieve whatever you focus on in life.

Why Affirmations About Money Matter

1. I am in control of money, money doesn’t control me 

2. I have more than enough money to do everything I want in life

3. The quickest way to double my money is to fold it over and put it back in my pocket

List of Money Affirmations

4. If I’m saving, I’m succeeding

5. There are NO LIMITS to the amount of money I can make

6. Building wealth is a marathon, not a sprint

List of Money Affirmations

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