4 Online Bank Accounts That Help Put Your Money to Work

- You can open a bank account without going to the bank

The Benefits of Online Bank Accounts

- Lower or no fees at all with your personal banking

- Better interest rates on your money (checking or savings)

Best Online Bank Accounts

1. Chime

Chime is a fee-free bank with a mobile-first online banking experience. Everything is mobile-first these days and Chime has made it their mission to have the best mobile experience of them all. 

Best Online Bank Accounts

2. CIT Bank 

Here is what CIT has to offer you: - Savings Builder Account - Money Market Account - High Yield Premier   Savings Account - eChecking - CDs - Mortgages

Best Online Bank Accounts

3. Ally Bank

Ally offers some great options for you: - Online savings account with hight-yield interest -Interest checking account - Money market accounts - Certificate of deposits (CDs) - IRAs

Best Online Bank Accounts

4. Radius Bank

Here is what they have to offer you: - Rewards checking where get cashback on everyday purchases and earn interest too - Numerous checking account options pending your personal finances

Is it safe to open an online savings account?

Yes, online bank accounts are quite safe to open. You want to look for encryption and that they are FDIC insured.

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