5 Investment Income Types That Will Help You Build Wealth

What Is Investment Income?

This simply means that the money generated comes from an increase in value of the investments you own. 

1. Interest Income

One of the most common investment income types is money that is generated through interest.

Dividend income refers to the distribution of earnings from companies to their shareholders from stocks or mutual funds.

2. Dividend Income 

3. Rental Income 

Investing in real estate is a highly popular way many millionaires have built — and continue to — build wealth from.

4. Capital Gains Income

A capital gain happens when there is an increase in value of an asset and that asset becomes worth more than the original purchase price. 

5. Side Hustle Income

Side hustles an investment income type because you are investing in a few things: like money into setting it up, time outside of your full-time job, and you are also investing in yourself. 

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