5 People Who Reached Financial Independence in Their 30s and Exactly How They Did It

To help keep this positive personal finance momentum going, we’ve gathered insights, advice, and tips from those who’ve seemingly done the impossible – reached financial independence three decades before the average person

1. Kyle: Financially Independent but Still Working Full-Time

Kyle credits the act of saving money for his financial success. His ability to keep a majority of his income fueled his investments, leading to a jump in wealth.

2. Purple: A Nomad who Leveraged Geo-Arbitrage in the U.S. to Retire at 30

Through a combination of increasing her income through job-hopping and decreasing her spending, she accelerated the wealth-building process.

3. James: Financially Independent; Working Only on Passion Projects

Like others, he grew his wealth by living significantly below his means and investing about half of his total household income.

4. Andrew: Built Wealth Through Real Estate Rental Properties

Between rental properties, a personal finance blog, and an online lead generation business, his side hustles bring in about $80,000 a year, which more than covers his family’s living expenses.

5. John: From a $39,000 starting salary to $2.5M Net Worth

By being open to moving around the country, he increased his earnings and invested the money, which grew significantly over time.

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