6 of The Best House Sitting Jobs You Can Do For Extra Cash

Whether you are looking for a side hustle or an adventure, house sitting jobs might be the way to go.

What Does House Sitting Mean?

House sitting is when you watch someone’s house while they are out of town. Sometimes, house sitting services include spending the night, and sometimes it just involves stopping in at defined intervals and making sure everything is okay.

Do House Sitters Get Paid?

Yes, most house sitters get paid. Some house sitting gigs use lodging as a form of currency rather than cash, but in my opinion, that counts as payment.

Are House Sitting Jobs Safe?

House sitting jobs on most other websites are completely legitimate and aren’t any riskier than anything else we do in life.

The Best House Sitting Jobs for Travel Hacking

Home Exchange

Home exchange offers a unique system for traveling the world in exchange for house sitting. They have over four hundred thousand homes available in 187 countries.

The Best House Sitting Jobs for Travel Hacking

Love Home Swap

Love Home Swap has basically the same system that home exchange does. You can either complete a classic swap (you watch my house while I watch yours) or use a points system. 

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