6 Signs  That You Are Too Obsessed With Making Money Now

Life is short and anything can change in an instant.  So while money is important to our lives,  it should not be all that matters.

1. All You Talk About Is Money

2. You Stress Yourself Out Trying to Get Rich

6 Signs That You Are Too Obsessed With Making Money Now

3. You Jump On Every Money Making Idea

4. You’re Alienating Friends and Family

5. Assuming Your Happiness Strictly Depends on Money

6. Your Constantly Comparing Your Finances to Others

I think the trouble begins when your pursuit and interests become so obsessive that it is causing harm to your quality of life and those around you, instead of being beneficial.

Ask Yourself Why You Are Obsessed with Money

I think it’s also important to remember if you’re not happy in your life now, your hardcore pursuit of money won’t help either.

Final Thoughts

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