7 Acorns Alternatives to Consider for Micro-Investing

Although it offers some solid features, you might be looking for some Acorns alternatives.

The financial company is one of the first and most recognized names in the micro-investing or “robo-investing” category.

I’ll share with you some of the best apps like Acorns that you might want to consider instead.

What is


It merges the old-fashioned idea of a piggy bank with the modern concept of robo-advisors to help users invest their small or “spare” change.


Best Acorns Alternatives to Try

        2. Betterment 

                              3. Qapital

                  1. Stash Invest

Best Acorns Alternatives to Try

                  4. M1 Finance

         5. Public.com

Best Acorns Alternatives to Try

                  6. Robinhood

         7. SigFig

Each offers unique functionality and perks to their users,  so it will be up to you to decide which best fits your needs!

Acorns Alternatives: Which Is Right For Me?

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