7 Safe Investments That Will Help Ensure Your Cash Is More Secure

Safe investments are assets that will help put your money to work, but do not face the same risks or volatility that the traditional stock market might create. The difference is, with lower risk investments, you’ll generally see lower returns in the long-run. 

What Are Safe Investments? 

Low-Risk Safe Investment Options

Traditional Savings Account

A traditional savings account with your bank or credit union will offer some interest on your money.

High-Yield Online Savings Accounts

Low-Risk Safe Investment Options

An online savings account can be a great additional place to stack your emergency fund or extra outside of it. Any good online bank will also offer FDIC protection and other security features.

Certificates of Deposit (CDs)

Low-Risk Safe Investment Options

One of the safest investment vehicles out there is probably Certificates of Deposit or “CDs” as they are generally abbreviated. These will put your money to work for you over a period of time, and have very lower risk to invest.

Low-Risk Safe Investment Options

Fixed Annuities 

A fixed annuity is just a contract with an insurance company where you provide them money to manage and they pay you a guaranteed return. Usually, the interest on a fixed annuity is tax-deferred.  

Low-Risk Safe Investment Options

Treasury Securities

These are safer investments because there is a demand for the market and selling your U.S. government investments is easy. Even if you need it before the maturity date, you can still get a decent price when you go to sell.

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