15 Best Stock Trading Apps To Put Your Money To Work

Micro investing is an easy, simple and safe introduction into the world of investing; it helps users understand what an investment strategy is all about before risking a large amount of money.

1. Stash

9 Best Micro Investing Apps

Stash is a great micro investing app for those who want complete control over their investments. The app does not charge any fees or commissions on trading, and any other fees are published clearly on their app. 

2. Acorns

9 Best Micro Investing Apps

Acorns is another micro investment app that focuses on contributing small amounts to different investment portfolios. Depending on your risk level and investor profile, you can pick one of five diversified portfolios. 

3. Robinhood

9 Best Micro Investing Apps

Robinhood is a much more hands on type of micro investing app. It allows you to pick the stocks you want to choose and gives you detailed information on what you’re investing in. 

4. Public.com

9 Best Micro Investing Apps

Public allows you to connect with other investors like you would on social media. You download the app and start interacting with experienced investors to learn more about investing in general.

5. Wealthsimple

9 Best Micro Investing Apps

They focus on socially responsible ETFs, and offer a team of advisors to help users throughout the process if necessary. Their passive approach to investing and higher returns means their investment app is one of the most highly rated ones. 

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