9 Easy Items to Resell for Profit

One classic money-making idea is to flip items or resell for a profit. Typically, this will be the process of thrift store flipping.

Thrift store flipping is the process of purchasing items from thrift stores in your area, with the go to resell and make a profit. These items can be sold online, with apps, or even in person at your own store or garage sale.

What is Thrift Store Flipping?

Believe it or not, you can make meaningful money as a thrift store flipper.  The most successful flippers make over $100k per year reselling their thrift store finds. If you do a quick Google search, you’ll find many stores of people pulling big numbers from reselling all sorts of items.

There’s plenty of money to be made flipping

1. Designer Clothing, Handbags & Shoes

The market for used designer goods is huge. You can purchase clothing, handbags, & shoes cheaply and easily flip them online. 

9 Easiest Items to Flip for a Profit

2. Toys & Games

The most popular items in this category are Legos, vintage or special edition board games, vintage toys, old video games, and video game consoles. 

9 Easiest Items to Flip for a Profit

3. Sports Memorabilia & Equipment

It’s not surprising that there are people willing to buy memorabilia such as jerseys, helmets, and trading cards, especially if they’re signed. There’s also a good market for used sports equipment in good condition. 

9 Easiest Items to Flip for a Profit

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