9 Identity Theft Prevention Tips To Protect Your Finances

A Few Identity Theft Statistics

–Cybercriminals continued hitting consumers hard in 2019, resulting in $3.5 billion in losses related to fraud recovery.

– According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, 1.3 million children’s records are stolen every year.

1. Monitor Your Credit Diligently

Identity Theft  Prevention Tips

2. Review Your Financial Accounts Often

3. Add Fraud Alerts or Freeze Your Credit

4. Use Identity Theft Software

5. Add Additional Login Credentials 6. Avoid Public WiFi Without Using A VPN

7. Update Passwords On a Regular Cadence

8. Avoid Clicking Odd Links In Texts or Emails

9. Be Smart About Your Social Security Number

Unfortunately, there is no full-proof method to preventing it from happening, but you don’t have to let it destroy your finances, credit, and personal info if you take the above precautions

Final Thoughts

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