All You Need To Know When Opening Your First Investment Account

One of the smartest money moves you can make during your lifetime is opening your first investment account. 

- Emergency Fund - Understand the basics of investing - Pay off high-interest credit card debt

Investment Account Checklist

I will give you some of the essentials you need to look for when choosing your investment company and some examples of the companies I think are the best options.

Investment Accounts for Beginners

1. What are the fees?

What are the fees?  What I mean is: account maintenance fees, index funds or mutual funds management fees, rollover fees, etc.

When deciding on the best investment account to go with, you should also take a look at the types of funds they have as well.

2. The types of funds & accounts offered

Look at how long the company has been around, the news about the company, total assets under their management, etc.

3. History of the financial company

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