Alternatives To College:  How to Save Money On Education

Although attending a four year college can be a great plan and the logical next step after high school, it’s not the only choice that can set you up nicely in the future.

The Rising Costs of College

The reason many people consider alternatives to college is the rising costs and potential student loan debt that can accrue. It’s not only a personal concern for many, but also creates stress on the family’s finances. 

Alternatives To College

1. Online School

The main benefits of online school is that you can study at your own pace and on your own schedule. It’s also a lot more affordable and you have many more options in terms of classes and schedule. 

Alternatives To College

2. Trade School

The benefits of attending a trade school is that the training is a lot more specific and geared towards a specific career. This means you are almost guaranteed a job once you graduate.

Alternatives To College

3. Apprenticeship

An apprenticeship is a type of training that is sponsored by a company; you are paid to work a job while you are also educating yourself at the same time.

Alternatives To College

4. Community College

They are local public schools that offer training programs as well as associate degrees to those who want to transition to a four year college later on. 

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