A Cheap Person?

Or Are You Being Frugal?

Are You

A cheap person will only focus on price and believes that the best value is always the cheapest.

What Does It Mean  to Be A Cheap Person?

1. You don’t tip well

Signs You Are Being a Cheapskate

2. You’re always looking out for free furniture

3. You make toiletries last as long as possible

4. You number crunch excessively 5. You buy just because of deals 6. You don’t like spending on essential items

Signs You Are Being a Cheapskate

8. You hoard stuff

7. You never drive

9. You take as many free items as possible

As a frugal person, you enjoy saving money but you also appreciate good quality items and spending your time intentionally.

Frugal Person  Vs. Cheap Person

Cheap people believe that everything is too expensive. They hate spending in general, so they’ll always complain about prices.

Frugal Person  Vs. Cheap Person

So what category are you falling in right now?  Are you being too cheap or have you found the right balance as a frugal person?

Final Note

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