Are You A Cheap Person? Or Are You Being Frugal?

Saving money and finding ways to make your dollars stretch farther is not necessarily a bad thing by any means.

Cheap people hate spending money in general, and are willing to sacrifice time in order to find good deals.

What Does It Mean to Be A Cheap Person?

Being Cheap Is A Mindset

You want to be able to gain an overall perspective over your spending and not only focus on the price.   

Signs You  Are Being a Cheapskate

Here are some common signs that you are being a cheap person.

Someone who doesn’t tip well is generally looked at as cheapskate (or a more harsher word, I’ll let you decide a good name for someone who doesn’t tip). 

1. You don’t tip well

2. You’re always looking out for free furniture

If you can easily afford items (especially when thrift stores offer great deals too) yet are still looking for handouts — you are a cheapskate.

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