Basic Investing Strategies New Investors And Beyond Should Consider

When you start investing your money, there are a few decisions you need to be thinking about.

Before You Consider Any Investment Strategy

Some questions you want to ask yourself include: - How is my current finances looking? - What are my monthly expenses, debt, and income? – What are some of my financial goals for investing?

Watch Out for Bad Investing Advice

A big reason why investing can be intimidating or can feel like a scam to newbie investors is because there is so much information out there. And a lot of the investment advice or recommendations on investments are actually quite scammy.

What Are the 4 Best Investing Strategies?

Naturally, there are a few different investing strategies you can decide to pursue. And many of these can be combined in some way, as many investors diversify strategies to find what personally fits their situation best.

1. Robo-Investing

A newer investing strategy that has proven quite popular and useful is robo-investing, which is considered a passive investing strategy. Many who are new to investing or starting out with just small amounts prefer to go the robo-investing route.

2. Growth Investing

This strategy focuses on purchasing shares of companies that have indications of substantial growth in next few years.

3. Buy-and-Hold Investing

One of the best options to consider for a buy-and-hold strategy is index funds. An index fund is a type of mutual fund where the holdings are added to match or track a particular market index.

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