18 Income Producing Assets That Will Grow Your Wealth Today

Without a doubt, the most popular income producing asset is investing in the stock market.

1. Dividend Paying Stocks

It’s not the easiest outlet and there is plenty of risk involved. But real estate can also be very rewarding. 

2. Rental Properties

These platforms do the work for you and instead you choose what real estate to invest in based on your goals.

3. Real Estate Crowdfunding

It’s great for those who need cash quickly because they don’t have to jump through financial paperwork hoops like they would with a bank. 

4. Peer to Peer Lending

Many of the businesses that are created online can become relatively passive. Meaning at a certain point, there is not much upkeep needed to continue a flow of income for you. 

5. Building An Online Business

And you have a wide range of options here: - Coffee shop - Laundromats - Car wash - Bar - Food truck

6. Owning Your Own Traditional Business

If you choose the right savings account or money market that gives you decent interest. 

7. Savings Account / Money Market

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