Best Investing Strategies For Beginners And Beyond To Consider

Your personal investing strategy should be about minimizing your risk, but maximizing your return as best you can.

Before You Consider Any Investment Strategy

Some questions you want to ask yourself include: - How is my current finances looking? - What are my monthly expenses, debt, and income? - What are some of my financial goals for investing? - Is there a set amount I can invest consistently?

Watch Out for Bad Investing Advice

There is plenty of great investing advice as well as financial advisors who will help guide you correctly. But remember, most people pushing investing products or must-buy stock picks, just want your money in some way.

What Are the 4 Best Investing Strategies?

1. Robo-Investing

A robo-advisor is an automated, low-cost investing service that handles the basics for you like portfolio recommendations based on some questions about you, helps with rebalancing, re-investing, and more. 

What Are the 4 Best Investing Strategies?

2. Growth Investing

One popular investing tactic is called growth investing. This strategy focuses on purchasing shares of companies that have indications of substantial growth in next few years.

What Are the 4 Best Investing Strategies?

3. Buy-and-Hold Investing

The goal with this strategy is that you are consistently investing in assets that you plan on holding for many years (typically 10+ years). 

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