9 Best Stock Screeners To Help You Find Top Stock Picks

Stock screeners are unlikely to be useful for investors without a clear set of rules. But for those with a good knowledge base; stock screeners can save time and increase your picking efficiency. 

What Are Stock Screeners?

Best Stock Screeners for Investing or Day Trading

1. Finviz

Financial Visualizations (Finviz) is an incredibly detailed stock screening tool; making it quick and easy to find a macro market view and great for beginners.

2. Stock Rover

Best Stock Screeners for Investing or Day Trading

Stock Rover integrates with your brokerage to rebalance your current investments. It offers the widest range of financial indicators, which allows for very robust reporting.

3. TradingView

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Trading View is perfect for the seasoned stock screen user, offering a trading social network alongside its other functions to build a trading community.

Picking a stock screener

Remember that all investments carry risk and that profit is not guaranteed; so it’s good to practice your strategy by backtesting so that you can go forward having confidence in your stock picking abilities. 

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