Best Unusual Ways That People Make to Earn Extra Money

While many of us will work a 9-5 or find a common side hustle, there are also plenty of weird ways to make extra money. 

Weird Ways to Make Money

Some of these unconventional ways to make money might not be new to you, but many will be potentially a little surprising. 

Weird Ways to Make Money

There are some limitations to how often you can donate and payment depends on a few factors. But if this stuff doesn’t make you squeamish, you can even make some cash doing this.

Selling Plasma

Weird Ways to Make Money

A bit weird and probably something to be a bit cautious about, but there are people making money and charging by the hour.

Rent Yourself Out As A Friend

Weird Ways to Make Money

Yup, you read that correctly. Yes there are women selling used panties and there are many people buying. You probably made a face and then thought, “Well, there are some creepy people out there too.” 

Selling Used Panties

Weird Ways to Make Money

Mining involves purchasing and building computing equipment to confirm transactions in the blockchain. By doing this, you can generate more Bitcoins for free.

Bitcoin Mining

Weird Ways to Make Money

So if you are someone who doesn’t mind waiting in lines, it might be a great way to make some cash. You can find this work through your own business (yes, people have made entire businesses out of this), Craigslist, or apps like TaskRabbit. 

Wait in Line for People

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