Best Ways on How to Stop Being Broke 

Generally being broke means that you are spending above your means or barely able to cover any living expenses. 

Don’t worry, you can break the financial funk and get on a better path! Here you’ll get tips that helped me to stop being broke (and can help you too).

How to Stop Being Broke

I did not have much financial literacy, so I had to research and put my own plan in place. But here’s what worked for me and I think can help you too (hopefully!).

1. Change your mindset and attitude 

Find a way to get motivated and alter your thinking when it comes to money. It will help you for your entire journey and even for the rest of your life. 

2. Make a list of your expenses

It’s easy to think you know the money you spend and what income you bring in — but writing it down gives you the concrete numbers. 

3. Start reading and listening 

The best way to not only help shift your mindset but also to learn is to read books and listen to podcasts.

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