Best Ways to Treat Yourself

While saving money and investing is key to a great financial future, it also doesn’t mean you should never spend money on yourself.

What Does It Mean to “Treat Yourself?”

Treating yourself is about giving yourself the chance to enjoy small pleasures every now and then. These small “treats” are a good way to boost your mood, feel grateful and get you through a difficult day. Small pleasures are also a good way to improve your overall mental health and set aside some time for yourself. 

Few important reasons why you should treat yourself:

- Energy boost - Motivation - Happiness boost - Improves  self-esteem - Helps with depression

How Much Should You Treat Yourself?

One good rule of thumb is the 50/30/20 rule: 50% of your income should go to fixed expenses, 20% to savings and retirement contributions and then 30% goes to wants and treats. By using a percentage rather than a fixed amount, you’ll feel more in control and will be able to adapt to your income level.

Best Ways to Treat Yourself

Instead of traveling halfway across the world on your next vacation, why not stay at home and explore the city you live in? You can still make it feel like a vacation, and learn a thing or two about your hometown!

1. Do a staycation

Best Ways to Treat Yourself

When’s the last time you read your favorite book? Find it again and then cozy up for a few hours to read.

2. Read a good book

Best Ways to Treat Yourself

These will vary in price, but for $50-$100 per month, you’ll get a new box of goodies right to your door. It could be food, clothes, books, etc. Whatever interests you, take a look online and see what is out there. 

3. Sign-up for a monthly subscription box

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