The Budget Calendar:  What Is It And Do You Need One?

One of the first and easiest steps you can take with your finances is to create a personal budget calendar.

What Is a Budget Calendar?

A budget calendar is similar to your everyday calendar, except it tracks the dates of your income and expenses.

Every good budget calendar will include:

- Your income: How much you are earning from each paycheck or what you make if you work for yourself. - Current expenses: Typically, your bills will fall on similar days each month. Planning these out on a calendar gives you the big picture. - Current savings: How you plan on scheduling money to save in your emergency fund or other investments.

The Benefits of A Budget Calendar

Budgeting allows us to keep track of our income, save money better, and ensure we are spending it where we have intended to.

Opting for a budget calendar should help you:

- Track spending and create a spending plan - Highlight where cuts can be made - Review your income - Plan for the future - Help you tackle any debt faster - Better understand your living expenses

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