Cheap Person Vs. Frugal Person: Which One Are You?

What is being cheap about? What are the signs of being a cheapskate?

And how can you tell if you are being frugal or cheap?  Don’t worry, I’ll explore all these questions!

What Does It Mean to Be A Cheap Person?

A cheap person will only focus on price and believes that the best value is always the cheapest.

Being Cheap Is A Mindset

Being cheap is a mentality that focuses more on the present rather than the future; if you’re seriously struggling with money, this may be helpful.

Here are some common signs that you are being a cheap person.

Signs You Are Being a Cheapskate

If you have enough money to eat out, then you have enough to tip your server. Someone who doesn’t tip well is generally looked at as cheapskate.

1. You don’t tip well

2. You’re always looking out for free furniture

It’s free and it could even be in good condition — if that is something you enjoy doing in your free time then you’re leaning towards being a cheapskate.

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