Crypto’s Crashed; Put Your Money Here Instead

Many crypto investors are still hoping their investment will again grow in value in the future. But many others feel burned by the crypto crash and are looking for other investment vehicles to generate profitable returns.

Bitcoin, the most well-known and long-standing cryptocurrency, has fallen more than 70% since its all-time high last November.

How Bad Is The Crypto Crash?

There is no way to be sure what will happen in the future with crypto values. One challenge, in particular, is that crypto is a relatively new investment vehicle.

Will Crypto Values Come Back?

In the United States, the stock market was created centuries ago. And if you look back at the last 90 years, the stock market has increased by an average of 9.8% per year.

The Stock Market Might Be a Viable Alternative

For many who invested in crypto, the allure was the potential for explosive gains. For those people, the historical 9.8% average annual return that the stock market has achieved may sound unappealing.

Can The Stock Market Offer Amplified Returns?

The crash has been challenging for most crypto investors over the last year. Whether you where an athlete, wealthy, or celebrity who invested, your net worth took a hit.

The Stock Market’s Track Record

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