Death to the Consumer Mentality:  How to Start Fattening Your Wallet

At some point, you may have come across the term consumer mentality. It’s the mindset many of us have, whether we realize it or not.

What is the Consumer Mentality?

We want the latest, the newest, and the largest, otherwise we lose interest fast. But this triggers the vicious cycle of constantly spending money to fulfill those consumption desires.

Transition to The Investor Mentality

It’s going to take work to break the consumer habit, but transitioning to the investor mentality will be key for building your financial stability and potential wealth.

The Steps to Develop The Investor Mentality

Actually make it a priority to make changes

You are shifting your entire mindset when you want to think like an investor and it’s not something you can passively do and expect results. Like most things in life, you need to want it and willing to work towards your goal.

The Steps to Develop The Investor Mentality

See where all your money is going

As you get started, you must figure out where all your money is currently going. This means making a budget, make use of other personal finance tools, and keep track of money coming in and going out.

The Steps to Develop The Investor Mentality

Evaluate why you feel the need to consume

Find the reasoning for your consumer mindset. It may not fix everything, but it can help you understand the “why’s” when you start to evaluate.

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