Best Ways To Stop Spending Money

How do I stop spending money? A question you might have asked yourself before or still do as you read this story. 

I’ll talk about how to stop spending money and tips to get you on a better financial path. 

Best Ways To Stop Spending Money

These tips should be used to help you stop spending money.

1. Learn to wait before purchasing (sleep on it)

Typically, the rush of wanting something will subside or you realize it’s not that important to buy right now. 

What is causing you to want to spend money all the time? Why must you feel the need to buy, buy, buy? 

2. Figure out why you are overspending so much

Get every expense and income in a list, then do some basic math. I always use spreadsheets and Personal Capital to keep tabs.

3. Legit track all your expenses

4. Leave the credit cards at home

There is no real money value being seen, so swiping the plastic has no impact on you. That is, until you see the bill later and the interest you are accruing. 

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