Financial Freedom:  The Simple Formula To Reach This Goal

Financial freedom is not something that will happen overnight, but there are simple steps that can get you there sooner than you think!

What is Financial Freedom?

Financial freedom means that you have enough money saved and invested, that you can afford to live the life you want, on your terms. If you want to retire early, travel the world, pursue your own endeavors, or be completely stress-free when it comes to finances — mastering your money is key.

What Does Financial Freedom Mean to You?

Maybe to you it means: - Choosing a career you love or starting your own business - Ability to go on family vacations without breaking the bank - Being able to pay cash for expensive items without racking up debt - Having FU Money to do as you please without hurting your budget - Retiring early before the traditional ages and living how you want

How Do You Reach Financial Freedom?

If you want to fully change your financial future and become independent, you need to accept responsibility. Own up to your financial mistakes and understand your money decisions greatly affect your wealth in the future.

1. Accept responsibility

How Do You Reach Financial Freedom?

- Track your net worth with Personal Capital. - Know how much money you bring in and how much goes out. - Develop a budget to help you stay on track and adjust as need over time. You should be spending about an hour each week with your budget.

2. Learn how to manage money

How Do You Reach Financial Freedom?

Nothing holds down your wealth accumulation and financial freedom goals more than debt. The debt that comes with student loans, mortgages, credit cards, etc.

3. Pay your dues and debts

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