Flipping Books for Profit: Make Money Selling Used Books

If you are looking to make extra money or start a new side hustle, then flipping books for a profit might interest you.

Can You Make Money Flipping Books?

The profits you can make from selling books depends on the genre, alongside the book availability and the price you purchased the book. But if you choose the books correctly, you can get a decent profit margin compared to what you paid.

How much time does flipping books take? 

The research and finding books will be the most time-consuming aspect, until you get into a good rhythm and know what to look for. Additionally, you will spend time listing books, shipping or setting up an online marketplace to sell your secondhand books.

How to Choose Books to Resell for Profit?


Textbooks are a very popular book flip option. It works because there is new demand every single year for students studying the same courses, with the same recommended books.

How to Choose Books to Resell for Profit?

First Editions & Rare Books

First edition books are another great choice, as they’ll often bring in higher profits than textbooks. This is because they are in low supply. Rare books are also low in supply, which increases their demand. But again, you would need to ensure these are in mint condition to make the profit forecasted; as mistakes in this market could be costly.

What Types of Books Are Best to Flip?

- Educational books, such as textbooks - Religious books - Arts and crafts books - Most non-fiction books

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